TO: Our Valued Residents

FROM: Ashleigh Fisher, Property Manager

RE: Mortgage Inspection

DATE: June 22, 2014

Dear Residents,

As part of our financing requirements, our mortgage provider conducts an annual inspection of Abberly Green, including all common areas, the exterior of the community and our business operations. A portion of the annual inspection may also include a random visit to apartments within the community.

This annual inspection has been scheduled for Monday, June 23rd. Since we will not be advised in advance of which apartments may be visited during the inspection, please be aware of the possibility that we will need to enter your apartment during the inspection.

A member of our team will accompany the representative during the inspection so there is no need for you to be at home. We must request that all dogs be secured and that your alarm system be deactivated. If it is necessary to visit your apartment home, we will leave a note that we were present.

Please be advised that we cannot refuse the inspector access to any apartment home within the community during this process. Any fines levied due to an alarm system that is activated and set off during the inspection will be at your expense.

Please contact our office with any questions about this matter at 704-799-7417. Again, thank you for your assistance and for your continued residency at our community.