Important Announcement

Dear Residents,

We hope that you are in enjoying your home at Abberly Green! During a recent property inspection we noted that there are several items on patios that are not considered furnishings, plants and decorative items, as required by the Resident Handbook.


Private balconies or patios are provided so that you may enjoy indoor-outdoor living. In consideration of your neighbors, please do not dump ashtrays, empty vacuum cleaners, or shake mops or rugs from your balcony or patio. Planters should have a water reservoir beneath so that water does not leak downstairs or stain the flooring of the patio/balcony. All accessories should be storm weighted. CLOTHESLINES ARE NOT PERMITTED ON THE BALCONY OR PATIO, NOR MAY CLOTHING OR OTHER ARTICLES BE HUNG FROM OR PLACED ON BALCONY RAILS, WINDOW SILLS, SIDING OR EAVES.

In consideration of your neighbors, we ask that wind chimes not be placed on the balcony or patio. Furthermore, we ask that items such as motorcycles, boats, signs, doghouses, cat litter boxes, etc., not be kept on your balcony or patio.

These areas should be maintained in a neat and orderly manner at all times. No upholstered furniture or indoor furniture is allowed on balconies or patios. Flammable items such as gas, kerosene, lighter fluid, etc. should not be stored on your balcony or patio. Tiki torches are also prohibited. Seasonal lighting is allowed but HHHunt reserves the right to ask residents to remove the lighting if inappropriate.


According to fire regulations entry halls and/or breezeways must be clear at all times to provide a safe passage for all residents and guests. Please be aware that it is a fire hazard to store any items, including bicycles, in the entry halls, breezeways, stairwells or common areas of the buildings unless specifically agreed to by Management.

Plants, small patio furniture and doormats are allowed near your front door but must not block access to the stairwells or any apartment homes. If an item is being stored in the breezeway, stairwell or common area Management will remove it without prior notice and a $25 charge will be assessed to the resident.

We ask that all of our residents do their part to keep Abberly Green a beautiful community and must request that all patio areas are kept neat. Please remove any trash, boxes or miscellaneous items from your patio area. A $25 fine may be assessed for future violations.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this matter.