Good Afternoon Everyone,

It is with mixed feelings that I announce that we will be having a management change at Abberly Green in May – Danielle West and Matt Hensley will be leaving Abberly Green. My feelings are mixed because while I am excited for them and know that they will be wildly successful in their new endeavors, I and the entire team are also very sad to see them leave. Both Danielle and Matt have been integral to the success of Abberly Green and several other communities during their tenure with HHHunt.

Danielle has accepted a position with Grubb Properties at one of their newly acquired communities in South Charlotte. She will be hiring, training and leading a brand new team and will be responsible for turning around a troubled asset for Grubb. It is an exciting challenge and one that I am sure that she will excel in her new position with Grubb Properties. Danielle has been with HHHunt for almost 10 years and has led the team at Abberly Green for much of that time. The success of that community has been a tribute to her knowledge, skills and leadership.

Matt will be leaving Abberly Green to pursue an opportunity as a small business owner. He has formed a partnership with a local contractor in the Charlotte area and is destined for great things. With Matt’s entrepreneurial spirit, dedication and work ethic, his business is sure to be a huge success. Matt has been with HHHunt for 5 years starting his career in Roanoke, VA as a Service Tech then moving into the Service Manager position in Charleston, SC during lease-up. He has been leading the service team at Abberly Green since 2010 and has had a huge impact while in his role at Service Manager there.

Please join me in wishing them much success in their future endeavors. They will both be missed greatly!


Elizabeth K Phillips
Regional Property Manager
HHHunt Property Management