Important Notice

Attention all Residents:

We are pleased to offer you the services of Studebaker Submetering, Inc. (SSI) for your monthly water/sewer utility billing. The former company, ISTA or YES has completed their final billing for water and sewer. SSI will be sending subsequent invoices within the next week.

The water at your community is submetered. This means each unit is furnished with its own water meter to keep track of the actual amount of gallons consumed each month. The meters are equipped with a low powered radio frequency (RF) transmitting device and read each month by receiving the RF transmissions. SSI is not a utility company. They simply read the meters, deliver the invoices and receive payments on behalf of your community. Please note that the process in which your water is submetered and billed is not changing we are just transitioning the service to SSI.

Just like traditional utility bills, your first bill begins when you move in and a final bill is generated when you move out. The initial and final bills are part of your move-in and move-out procedures and are typically performed the same day your unit is inspected. These readings are kept on file to ensure you do not pay for previous or subsequent residents’ water usage.

Your property will notify SSI when you are scheduled to move-in and move-out, so you don’t have to contact anyone to begin receiving your water service. However, if you have a question about your bill, please call SSI anytime and they will promptly assist you. You will receive an invoice each month that is based strictly on your usage multiplied by the rate your community is charged for water.

Each bill will indicate the total amount due and the due date. Please be advised of a monthly administrative fee of $3.75 and a trash disposal fee of $6.50. In addition, a $35.00 charge will be applied to your account if a payment is returned due to non-sufficient funds.

You can also review your account and pay online at The user name to access your account is your account number and your password will be printed on your billing statements in the upper right hand corner. You should receive your first invoice within the next two weeks.

To clear any existing balance with YES Energy, please makes checks payable to Abberly Green and drop off at the leasing office. Once you receive an invoice from SSI you will send any future payments direct to them.

SSI is looking forward to serving you. If you have any questions regarding your monthly utility bill, please call a customer service representative at 800.987.9877.