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Luxurious Apartments in Mooresville, NC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Abberly Green Apartment Homes in Mooresville, NCNorth Carolina is a very popular area to visit and to live. Regularly receiving accolades as a wonderful place to work, one of the “Best Places to Live,” packed with wonderful small towns, where your money can go farther, where jobs are surging, and filled with beautiful scenery. In fact, North Carolina has a mild climate, four gorgeous seasons, and so much to do. Mooresville, NC is right around the corner from Charlotte with art, theater, and restaurants galore. Some of the best food and lakefront dining at your fingertips and overflowing with charm, people from all over love their decision to move here.

If you are looking for an one bedroom apartment in Mooresville, NC  look no further than Abberly Green. These luxury apartment homes have a community environment and exclusive amenities. We offer five styles of one-bedroom apartments along with luxury apartment community amenities.

Abberly Green sits in an exclusive lakefront  community. Get a taste of the south, art, booming city-living, and comfort, along with a built-in community. This is a distinctive apartment community environment made for those seeking apartment amenities, spacious and inviting floor plans, and the dedication of a committed management team.

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Moving to Mooresville, NC? Reasons Why You’ll Love It!

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Abberly Green, Mooresville, NCFor anyone moving to an apartment in Mooresville, NC you’ll want to read this! One thing most people realize about Mooresville is how connected the community is. There are so many events on a weekly basis for adults, families and businesses. Here’s some things you will love about your move to Mooresville!

The Residents of Mooresville

The people who call Mooresville home are what make the community so incredible. With all the people relocating here, you will encounter some of the nicest individuals from all over the country. The cheerfulness of the people living in Mooresville is a product of everything Mooresville has to offer, including the a great place for jobs, amazing weather, and plenty to do. If you’re moving to Mooresville from the northern states, you will notice almost immediately just how welcoming the people here are.


Mooresville is a large town with a small town feel, and that is one of the best parts of living here. You will love the welcoming embrace you get from the local residents. The opportunities to meet new people is another favorite part of living here.

Mooresville is Great for Jobs

If you’re moving to Mooresville you will find it a lot easier to find a job than in many other cities. With more than 18,000 job openings in Mooresville, NC and more than 26,000 in Charlotte, NC, there is likely to be one for you. The median salary to median cost of living is one of the best in the US! The presence of NASCAR, Lowes Corporate and national award winning schools is a huge part of what makes Mooresville such a great place for jobs.

The Food in Mooresville

If you are relocating to Mooresville you’ll want to be sure you head downtown for a night out. With countless Restaurants in the Mooresville area you will have plenty of places to call your favorite. If you’re looking for good old southern BBQ you will have plenty of choices. Also, the southern towns of Davidson, Cornelius, Huntersville and the city of Charlotte offer an endless dining experience as well.

Craft Beer in Mooresville

The state of North Carolina has become a staple for the craft beer scene, you will find many local breweries between Mooresville and Asheville, along with local specialty beer shops.

Weather in Mooresville is Mild

The weather in Mooresville is mild year round and is a great reason to relocate. We experience all four seasons, and yes, it occasionally snows in Mooresville. We are only 1-2 hours from the Mountains if you like to ski or snowboard. 

Education is Nationally Ranked

Mooresville is one of the most technologically advanced school districts in the nation thanks to Lowe’s contributions. Lowe’s has given Mooresville School District the ability to provide Apple MacBooks to all students starting in the fourth grade.

Lake Living in Mooresville

Mooresville, NC is home to Lake Norman. It is the largest man-made lake in the south. Local residents have the privilege of living and playing on the shores of Lake Norman. The weather in Mooresville allows for local people to enjoy water sports and boating for the majority of the year. 

Mooresville NC has Live Music!

For those who love music, Mooresville is a great place to relocate. There are countless live music events at local bars and restaurants.

Nightlife Near Mooresville

If you’re planning on relocating to the Mooresville area, you will have no shortage of great nightlife opportunities. You will find several local hotspots. Mooresville is located a short distance from Charlotte, NC as well. In the city of Charlotte, residents enjoy local bars, breweries, and restaurants for an incredible late night scene. Charlotte is also home to the AvidXChange Music Factory, formerly known as the North Carolina Music Factory.

Sports around the area

Located near Charlotte, Mooresville residents enjoy professional, amateur and college level sports. Charlotte is home to the NBA Charlotte Hornets, NFL Carolina Panthers, NHL Carolina Hurricanes (AHL) Charlotte Checkers, MLB Charlotte Knights and NASCAR Sprint Cup BK Racing. College sports near Mooresville include the UNCC 49ers and Davidson Wildcats. In recent years the University of North Carolina at Charlotte has added college football to their extensive college sports lineup.

If you’re thinking of moving to an apartment in Mooresville, NC, contact Abberly Green.


Reasons to Rent in Retirement

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, September 14, 2017

Abberly Green, Mooresville, NCFor years, the standard plan for retirement was to pay off your mortgage and continue living in your family home, or perhaps sell that home and pay cash for a smaller home, possibly in a retirement community.

But that plan has changed in recent years, as some retirees have joined their millennial children and grandchildren in choosing to rent rather than buy. While their reasons vary, the trend indicates that renting is losing its stigma and that, for some older people, renting makes good economic sense.

Here are seven reasons to rent in retirement.

You want to try out a new area. Many people fantasize about moving to warm climates when they retire. But those places are big lifestyle changes for many, and some people discover that the land of mosquitoes and endless summer is not for them. Plus, it's hard to choose a neighborhood when you don't know the city. Renting gives you an opportunity to try on a new lifestyle and check out neighborhoods without committing.

You expect to move soon. If you sell the family house and expect to need assisted living within a few years, buying a home to live in for a short time may not make sense. Or perhaps you're planning to move closer to children in a few years, but you want to stay in your hometown a little longer. Renting makes it easier to move quickly.

You can't afford to own a home. The cost of the mortgage is just part of the cost of homeownership. Real estate taxes, condo or HOA fees and homeowners insurance are somewhat predictable, but the cost of repairs is a looming unknown. Those types of expenses require you to keep some cash in reserve. Houses are so expensive, and the expenses are unpredictable sometimes.

You want more freedom. You don't want to spend the rest of your life in one place, and you want to be free for adventure. That might mean long-term travel, living a few years near one child and then a few years near another, or maybe you would like to test out various cities where you could settle. In any of these scenarios, renting makes more sense. When you're renting, it gives you a lot of flexibility.

You want to tap the equity in your home. If your home is worth a lot of money but you have no access to cash for living expenses, selling the home and renting can be a good option for some, though you'll need to do the math and weigh this option versus a reverse mortgage.

You want to move into senior housing. Some older people, especially if they are single, may not like living alone but they may not need assisted living. One option is to rent an apartment in an independent living community, which provides meals, activities and maintenance. Buy-in communities also have these amenities, but a rental community is less of a commitment and may make more financial sense for some.

You can't get a mortgage. Since the foreclosure crisis, lenders have become much stricter about documenting income. Retirement income counts, but you may not have enough money for the home you want, especially if you don't have a lot of cash for a down payment. Buying becomes more difficult when you retire because lending standards are stricter.

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US News – Money

Charlotte Area: Where Everyone Wants to Live Right Now

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Abberly Green, Mooresville, NCWhether it be a searing hot job market, affordable housing, or a booming entertainment scene, these are the best cities to move to in 2017.

Looking to move? Look no further. The best cities of 2017 are the perfect storm of fun and economic. Whether it be a searing hot job market, affordable housing, or a booming entertainment scene, these are the best cities to move to in 2017.

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is known as a commercial hub, fueled by outdoor recreation and a growing culinary scene, as well as a deep and rich history. History lovers can enjoy the plethora of post-civil war history sprinkled throughout the city and state. “Charlotte is a great place to live, work, and raise a family,” says Gregg Watkins, Communications Manager of the Office of the Mayor of Charlotte, NC. “We are a diverse and welcoming 21st century city with a small-town feel.”

For more information on apartments near Charlotte, NC in Mooresville, NC, contact Abberly Village.


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