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Ashleigh Fisher
Property Manager

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Assistant Manager

Leslie Driver
Chantal Kovacevic
Leasing Consultant


Bobby Glover
Service Manager

Shawn Mullet
Ronnie Samagaio
Maintenance Technician

Jonathan Hunt

Abberly Green March 2014 Newsletter

Welcome Chantal!

Please join us in welcoming Chantal Sze, our newest addition to Abberly Green!
Chantal is originally from Naples, FL and moved to North Carolina with her boyfriend in July of 2013.
She is looking forward to exploring the outdoors, meeting new people and
experiencing all four seasons, especially the snow!
Chantal is a great fit with our staff and we are excited to see all that she will bring to our community!

Places to
explore around
Abberly Green

Mooresville Golf Course: Since 1949, golfers of all ages and abilities have enjoyed the challenge of the fairways and greens at the Mooresville Golf Course. The front nine holes were designed by Donald Ross and opened in 1949. The back nine holes were designed by Porter Gibson and opened in 1977. This municipally-owned golf course is open to the public. 730 Golf Course Drive, Mooresville, NC 28115.

Lazy 5 Ranch : Head to the Lazy 5 Ranch and view over 750 animals from a horse-drawn wagon or on the 3.5-mile safari track in the comfort of your own vehicle. This privately owned property features kangaroos, giraffes, rhinos and a huge variety of deer and elk, cattle, as well as zebras, sheep and goats. Visitors are also welcome to feed some of the animals. Lazy 5 Ranch is located on Mooresville Road and open daily. Lazy5ranch.com (704) 663-5110

DeLuxe Ice Cream by Mooresville Ice Cream Company: DeLuxe Ice Cream is quality dessert that has stood the test of time. Established in 1924, Mooresville Ice Cream Co. is the oldest IC manufacturer in North Carolina. 172 North Broad Street Mooresville, NC 28115

Lake Norman State Park: The park boasts its own 33-acre lake where fishing and boating are enjoyed. And with hiking and biking trails, picnic areas, interpretive programs and campgrounds, there's more to Lake Norman State Park than merely water. Lake Norman of Catawba, North Carolina (704) 528-6350

Zootastic Park: A visit to Zootastic Park is a trip to the zoo that's both fun and educational! 448 Pilch Road, Troutman, NC (704) 245-6446.

Irish-Style Lamb Stew

Prep time: 25 mins.
Cook Time: 2 Hours
Ready in: 2 Hours and 25 mins.
Servings: 4

"Authentic Irish-style stew made with lamb, potatoes and carrots."


  • 1 pound cubed lamb meat
  • 1 large onion, halved and sliced
  • 1 pound baking potatoes, peeled and sliced
  • 1 carrot, peeled and sliced
  • 1 large stalk celery, sliced
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 cups beef stock
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley, for garnish


  1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C).
  2. Layer the lamb meat, onion, potatoes, carrot and celery in an oven proof pot or casserole dish. Season each layer with parsley, salt and pepper as you go. Pour in the beef stock and cover tightly.
  3. Bake for 1 1/2 to 2 hours in the preheated oven, until vegetables and meat are very tender. Divide into bowls and garnish with additional parsley.

Dates to Remember: March

 9th – Daylight Savings Starts
12th – Plant a Flower Day
17th – Saint Patrick’s Day
20th – International Earth Day

10 Fun Games for Warmer Days

With warmer days on their way, here is a list of 10 fun games to get you outside and enjoying the beautiful weather!

  1. Red Rover
    This is one of the best outdoor games provided you have enough people. The players split into 2 teams and each team joins together in a line and holds hands with the people next to them. The teams take turns saying, “Red Rover Red Rover send (insert name here) right over”. The person who was called tries to break away from their line and join the opposing team. If they can’t they stay on the same team. The teams take turns until one team has all the members.
  2. Red Light Green Light Game
    Who doesn’t like this game? The players start racing to the finish line while you yell out red light and green light. When you yell Red Light everyone has to freeze, if they don’t they are disqualified. Then when you yell green light they can start running again. This lasts until one person makes it to the finish line.
  3. Scavenger Hunt
    You hide clues all over the area and give the players a start up clue to tell them where the next clue is .It turns out to be a clue to a clue to a clue ….. to the finish line. If you have a lot of players you can also separate them into 2 teams and see who can solve the clues the fastest.
  4. Frisbee
    This game is pretty easy; you simple toss a Frisbee back and forth until one person can’t catch it. When that happens the other person gets 1 point. You might also come up with some creative ways to use Frisbees.
  5. Tag
    Someone is “it” and goes around trying to tag everyone else. If they do tag someone else that person is “it” and so on.
  6. Hide and Seek Game
    This game is similar to tag, only the person who is “it” has to close their eyes and count to 100. Everyone else can go and hide until that person finds and tags someone. Then that person is “it” and it starts all over.
  7. Croquet
    In this game you simply put stakes into the ground and try to go through them to reach your goal. Whoever can reach the end in the least number of shots is the winner. It is kind of like golf only you don’t have to shoot the ball 200+ yards.
  8. Lawn Bowling
    You roll a rubber ball down a field of grass and whoever gets closest to the target wins.
  9. Corn Hole
    The game is simple: Two teams of players face each other and toss beanbags into goals 27 feet apart. The goals are slightly angled wooden boards with a hole in the middle. The game continues until one team chalks up 21 points.
  10. Jump Rope
    Jumping rope is a fun playground activity as well as a great way to get some exercise and impress your friends.

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